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Country View Nursing Home Caring for Residents - Even in Fun Hats!

March 26, 2020
Sunbury, Ohio - Our team is dedicated to caring for your loved ones, today and every day!! We are taking this one day at a time and making light of the situation. Today, the residents wanted the staff to wear crazy hats - so that's just what we did!

Stay home for us so we can continue to care for your loved ones! Please do not hesitate to call and check on your loved ones, or FaceTime them if you're feeling up to it!

News & Events

Sunbury Nursing Home to Host Trunk or Treat
Contact us at Country View for more information!

Country View of Sunbury Offers Outside Visitation
We are excited to reunite our residents and loved ones!

Country View Staff and Residents Send Message to Families
We hope you are all staying safe and healthy, please continue to pray for all of us to remain safe and healthy!

Country View of Sunbury Caregivers are Our Superheroes
Thank you to all of our caregivers at Country View of Sunbury Nursing and Rehabilitation Center!

Staff and Residents One Big Family at Sunbury Nursing Home
Our staff absolutely adore our residents, and we are a strong, unified front. We are family.

Country View Nursing Home Shines Bright
“The greater the storm, the Brighter the Rainbow.”

Sunbury Nursing Home Hosts Island Party
Our residents dressed as their favorite character from Gilligan's Island.

Country View Nursing Home Caring for Residents - Even in Fun Hats!
Our residents requested we wear fun hats - so we did!

Country View Residents Share Messages with Loved Ones
We hope these messages will bring smiles to your faces!

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