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Family Member Gives Handmade Quilts to Nursing Home

Country View Sunbury nursing rehabilitation Ohio quilts

February 7, 2020
Sunbury, Ohio - Every few weeks, Country View receives wonderful handmade quilts from a family member of a resident that resided at Country View for three years. The resident, unfortunately, passed away in the Spring of 2019. However, the beautiful quilts keep coming every month!

Our residents enjoy displaying these gorgeous quilts in their rooms, on their laps, and they are also dispersed throughout the facility common areas as well. The intricacy and detail of each quilt has us in awe every single month!

Our Social Workers enjoy giving these quilts to our residents that admit to Hospice care for comfort, and also for the families to keep after their loved ones have passed. The love that goes into these quilts is easy to see and feel and we are so incredibly thankful for these wonderful monthly handmade quilts! Thank you, Margaret, from everyone at Country View!

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