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General Store Provides Gifts for Sunbury Nursing Home

January 24, 2020
Sunbury, Ohio - Country View of Sunbury prides itself in the homelike atmosphere that it offers to all of its residents. The minute you walk into the building, you can sense the community that the staff and residents have built together. Country View has a General Store that is run by a few of our amazing residents.

The men that run our store take pride in the items that they offer to our residents. They accept donations from residents, families, and visitors alike and sorting through the items and pricing them for sale. They also sell pop, candy bars, snacks, and all of the profits go back into our facilities Activities fund to provide the best games, supplies, and prizes for our residents during their stay at Country View.

In 2019, the General Store made a profit of $1,230! It was such an incredible accomplishment and helped us buy some amazing Christmas presents for our residents this year!

Next time you stop by Country View, be sure to check out our facilities General Store!

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