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Recognizing Country View's Employees Going Above and Beyond

May 25, 2021
At Country View of Sunbury, we are dedicated to creating a Culture of Care within our skilled nursing facility that makes our residents feel at home. This starts with our amazing team. Our staff at Country View is filled with individuals who have dedicated their lives to others and have a natural instinct to help those around them.

To recognize all of the incredible work our team does we have a board in our hall that is used for employees to highlight coworkers they witnessed going above and beyond to serve our residents. The person with the most nominations at the end of the month is then recognized as our Super Star Employee of the Month. For this, they are celebrated and recognized for all the small acts of kindness they have partaken in when they thought no one was watching and receive a gift valued at $100. For May, our Super Star Employee of the Month is Alyxis Williams!

Alyxis started with us as an STNA when she was still in high school and is currently pursuing a career in nursing. She is extremely compassionate and caring. Her passion for caring for our elders is evident in her work. Not only does she enjoy being a care provider, but she also enjoys getting to know the elders and learning more about their backgrounds.

Thank you for your dedication, Alyxis. We appreciate all that you do for our residents to make them feel loved!

We recognize our Super Star Employees every month on our Facebook page. To see more of our previous award winners and to stay up to date with all of our day-to-day activities at Country View of Sunbury, like our Facebook page, linked below.

Country View of Sunbury Facebook Page

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Recognizing Country View's Employees Going Above and Beyond
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