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Staff and Residents One Big Family at Sunbury Nursing Home

April 15, 2020
Sunbury, Ohio - As an administrator of a skilled nursing facility, I often get asked how Country View of Sunbury Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is holding up during this crazy time of COVID-19. I tell everyone that as a facility, we take things day by day and even sometimes hour by hour. I can say that sometimes the unknown and stress brings me to tears, because of the fear and panic that staff and residents often feel. It can be mentally exhausting, constantly reassuring all staff that we will get through this when sometimes they feel like a giant wave is going to crash down onto the building. I'm regularly repeating to staff and residents that we are a strong, unified front, and we will make it through this storm together. They surprise me every day with their positive attitudes and love for one another.

I leave the facility every day with my fellow coworkers with such a mix of emotions every single day - happy that we've made it another day COVID-19 free for our residents and staff. I'm proud that my staff is always doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Yet it can be sad for my residents that have birthdays and anniversaries, with the inability to have any visitors from their families and friends. Sadly, my staff and residents cannot hug each other for comfort, and my residents can't go to the dining rooms to eat meals with their friends.

Today I was brought to my knees in tears. Happy tears.

We pride ourselves in our Culture of Care, and showing those around us the positives of the "Nursing Home World." Today I saw one of my STNA's in my facility on her "off" day screening our employees because she wants to help ensure our facility stays COVID free. She takes screening the employees and vendors very seriously, and we are all thankful for that. As she screened me when I entered my facility this morning, I saw the cutest homemade bracelet on her wrist and asked her where she got it from. When she answered, tears welled up in my eyes and two thoughts came to my mind: One, I cannot wait to share this with Bob and two, I cannot wait to share this with THE WORLD. The STNA Amanda Henry held out her wrist in pride and said, "Virginia (a resident at Country View) made this friendship bracelet for me and, in return, I made her one."

It shook me to my core in pride. I threw my hand over my heart and said, "That is the sweetest thing I've ever seen." It instantly made me remember why we do what we do every. Single. Day.

Our staff absolutely adore our residents, and we are a strong, unified front. We are family.

Amanda Henry has been an employee at Country View of Sunbury Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for ten years. She started out in housekeeping and eventually became an STNA. Amanda says she loves Country View because of the teamwork the facility instills, how appreciated she feels when she works and the atmosphere. Amanda went on to say she has made a lot of friends over the years, and the residents have become her family. Outside of work, Amanda enjoys walking her dogs, going to the movies, reading, and of course, watching the latest Netflix binge-worthy show.

Amanda has created a special bond with resident Virginia and for that, I awarded her with a Foundations pin "Who I Am Makes a Difference." We are appreciative of her continued dedicated service to our facility, and most importantly, the love she shares with our residents.

- Lauren

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